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Eigene Regeln für dieses Wiki sollen von dessen Benutzern bestimmt werden. Die Regeln sollten so einfach wie möglich gehalten werden, und es sollten nicht zu viele erstellt werden. Ein wachsendes Wiki hat die besten Voraussetzungen mit wenigeren Richtlinien.

Die Regeln für dieses Wiki sind hier aufgelistet:



The Tenkai Knights Wiki is an anime-related online encyclopedia which covers everything regarding Tenkai Knights and is open to all kind of fans, as long as they come and edit here in good faith. We are aiming to reach a high degree of professionality and thus are following some edit standards. We understand that not all of the members of this wiki know how to be professional, since the main target group of Tenkai Knights consists of 6-12-year-old boys, which would be underage users on Wikia. Our administration team always looks at all pages and finds out what to improve, but we won't blame any user for making low-quality edits. Instead we will tell him how to do it right and will appreciate that he is editing with good intentions.



It sometimes happens that an user registers an account which includes his real name. As well some users reveal their age or post information about their homes or other private things such as the mobile phone or credit card number. The Tenkai Knights Wiki generally dissuades from posting private information, since it can be misused by some people for stalking. However for many users it is interesting to find out about what their friends from this wiki are in real life. Nevertheless we ask everyone to only post private information on chat, in the best case even only within a private message. If an user misuses the private information to post it for people who shouldn't know it or even can use it for criminal intent like stalking, this behavior can lead to a block and if the user has been in trouble on other wikis before, the administration can even decide to report him to Wikia Staff to get him globally blocked. If the user is a rollback, thread/chat mod or sysop his rights can be taken away. If he is a bureaucrat the other bureaucrats can decide whether he should be demoted and possibly start a vote to get him demoted by staff. We will take action in a way which is appropriate to the situation.


The Tenkai Knights Wiki allows all kind of blog posts, even it is advertisement for own wikis. As well we allow necro-posting as long as the comments make sense and are not applied to harass other users. An user who misuses the blog posts to incite against other users will be blocked and if the user has been in trouble on other wikis before, the administration can even decide to report him to Wikia Staff to get him globally blocked. If the user is a rollback, thread/chat mod or sysop his rights can be taken away. If he is a bureaucrat the other bureaucrats can decide whether he should be demoted and possibly start a vote to get him demoted by staff. We will take action in a way which is appropriate to the situation.


As this is an English wiki, all users are asked to use English. But as well other languages can be used but only moderate. Users who don't speak English are asked to do mainly non-language edits such as posting galleries or videos. As well we advise them to learn English by any of todays means, such as an language course or auto-didactical by using books in which the English language is taught.


Every picture has to be posted where it suits. That means no posting of toy pictures on character articles and no fanart posted on pages which cover the official franchise. The administration will look after such pictures which don't suit and move them to a page where they better belong. If it comes to the knowledge of the administration that an user posts pictures where they not belong and he does that in bad faith, this user can be blocked.


As well videos are an important part of the wiki in particular if new episodes of Tenkai Knights are airing. We generally prefer videos from our YouTube account, in particular if it is about full episodes or trailers in order to have a better influence on the popularity on these networks which influences the popularity of our wiki back. But as well we also accept videos from other channels.


If a new article is made, it has to be added to a list where it fits best. Episode articles have to be named after their full dub titles. If the dub of an episode hasn't aired yet, the translated Japanese title has to be used instead. For several kind of articles we have a certain structure which we are enforcing. All articles have to be added to appropriate categories, so no fanon articles to normal categories about the official franchise and no toy articles to chracter categories. There we also distinguish between good faith and bad faith. Users with bad faith will be blocked.


This is the last thing we want to see. If an user bullies and harasses other users by using offensive words, trolling, making malevolent jokes about him, vandalizing his page, making pages to insult the user or something else which could be interpreted as harassment this can lead to an immediate block. A rollback, thread/chat mod or sysop can be immediately stripped of their rights as well. If the harasser is a bureaucrat the other bureaucrats can decide whether they want to get him demoted by community concensus. The user can as well be reported to Wikia Staff.


An user who vandalizes can be blocked in particular if he excessively vandalized. Vandalism is mostly when an user disrupts articles willingly and mostly in bad faith. New users who don't know how to edit are not considered vandals.


On chat we are open to talk about every topic including adult content, which we want to reduce in the presence of younger users. As well we tolerate links to other wiki chats as well as to chats outside of Wikia. In the past we had good relationships to other wikis which we want to retain by also chatting there. Nevertheless we want as well to chat on this wiki also with users who haven't joined this wiki yet. Furthermore we tolerate spamming as long as its moderate. As well chat games like kicking random users for fun in particular on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas are allowed. However we don't tolerate harassing users. An user who does so will be banned from chat.


Every user who holds powers is obliged to use them wisely. If we notice that an user abuses his powers by banning or blocking another user without a good reason he can be stripped of his rights. Also powerholders can be demoted if they repeatedly use their powers for deeds without the approval of the bureaucrats or the community. If this user is a bureaucrat, the other bureaucrats can decide whether to demote the bureaucrat by community concensus.

Temporary powers

As there are lots of users who want to see how it feels to be in power, we give temporary powers in the end of every month. This is also a means to show us that someone is able to handle the powers wisely. After every quarter permanent powers will be given by right of the contest.


We advise all chat mods and sysops to first warn an user before he gets blocked or banned. But in extreme cases the user can be instantly banned or blocked. Generally only users who are acting in bad faith such as vandalizing or harassing other users have to be aware of being warned. Everything should happen with the approval of the bureaucrats.


If an user has repeatedly vandalized or harassed users and doesn't show any reason he can be blocked. The length of blocks may or may not increase every time an user is blocked, depending on the situation and for the kind of misbehaviour the user showed before being blocked. Everything should happen with the approval of the bureaucrats. All powerholders can only block or ban up to one day without a consent. Furthermore, if an user requests to be blocked this request will be denied. If an user has been rightfully blocked five times, after the sixth offense there can be a vote whether this user should get blocked for infinite. As rightful blocks count all blocks which are not in any way questionable and are not extensions of existing blocks. After the user has been blocked for infinite, there has to pass a year, before there will be another vote in which it is decided whether the blocked user will be amnestied or whether the block should stay for another year. Every time the user is caught sockpuppeting, the year will start again. If the user is amnestied and he breaks the rules again there can instantly be another block vote, with the same procedere to start again.


As Tenkai Knights is aimed at 6-12-year-old boys we won't block users just because they are underage. But every user can report an underage user to staff if there are proofs. Only posts on the wiki are considered proofs by staff. They will immediately disable the account of the respective user. Disabled users are excluded from the contest as well.


If an user makes a new account to evade a block, this account will be blocked as well as the block of the main account being resetted. If an user evades an infinite block the year until he could get amnestied by the community will start again.


As we had bad experiences with unreliable bureaucrats who just asked for rights and then did almost nothing most of the time, we are particularly aware of the problem of having leechers and trolls in leading positions. For that reason we introduced a contest in order to keep the activity of the wiki high and only give very outstanding users the chance to rise to powers. The contest lasts a full year and is the only means to receive powers. But instead of promoting several sysops and bureaucrats within months and after that not promoting anymore for several years, we think it is better to promote one sysop every year. The votes for bureaucrats will rotate between the wikis every year.


If an user who holds powers is inactive for one month his powers can be taken away. If a bureaucrat is inactive for one month, the other bureaucrats can decide whether they want to get the bureaucrat demoted. As well inactivity weakens the positon in the contest also for users who don't have rights. In some cases it can be advised to not demote a bureaucrat in particular if the wiki itself gets inactive due to a possible hiatus of Tenkai Knights. When Tenkai Knights is revived one day, these bureaucrats could introduce new users to this wiki and help them with making articles for the new seasons of Tenkai Knights.


An user who retires can be demoted immediately if he has powers. An user who doesn't have powers would totally damage his standing in the contest. So it is better to first think whether you are really sure and be aware of the consequences it will have. An user who has lost his rights due to retirement has to re-earn them if he comes back. Also other members won't forget about the retirement and vote for a candidate who has been more faithful to the wiki.


This wiki is by far the largest and most active encyclopedia about Tenkai Knights. For this reason every other wiki about Battle of the Planets is considered a duplicate. We will constantly watch this wikis, whether they are plagiarizing from us. If so the wiki will be reported to Wikia Staff. We don't wish to merge with duplicate wikis since they have far less articles than we have. If an user has created a duplicate he is advised to close it or changing the topic by renaming. Furthermore the administration may adopt such wikis and rename them themselves. As well Wikia Staff sometimes shuts down such wikis.


In the past we also had much contacts to wikis without a clear concept. While we like to maintain these good relationships, we are aware that these wikis are the first which will get inactive. For this reason we advise to make wikis about a promising topic which can attract many users.

Help for other wikis

Though we don't want to affiliate with Nonsense Wikis we offer to help them. This can be done by advertising the wiki on chat, in blog posts or on community messages. Furthermore we can help structuring the wiki and advertise it on YouTube. As the term aid suggests, the Tenkai Knights Wiki is superior to the wiki with which it partners, while with affiliates it is equal. If you want to get help you have to ask a bureaucrat, who will inform you about the conditions before we will help your wiki.

Other Wikis

As aforementioned we generally want to have good relationships to other wikis, but in some cases there are wikis with which we have conflilcts which is mostly based on the leadership there. These users tend to abuse powers or at least are unproportional with blocking or chatbanning. As staff doesn't intervene in such cases and some administrators are too proud to admit they have made a mistake, the administration of this wiki is allowed to block users for power abuse in order to have better chances to settle the conflict.

Other networks

The Tenkai Knights Wiki wants to be much more than an encyclopedia. We want to serve as well as video uploaders, fanfiction authors, news posters and so on. As not all people have a positive attitude towards this wiki, there have been cases in which someone incited against this wiki and heavily insulted the bureaucrats. For this reason bureaucrats are allowed to block users who incited against the wiki. As well we may opt to report the user to the company who owns the network in particular if the user doesn't have a Wikia account.


This wiki is operated by the German group Anime Movement under the coordination of the umbrella brand MoviezWorldwide and thus also follows their rules and standards. All affiliations and other projects are handled by these entities. As a result of questionable blocks placed by some staff members we can understand that a lot of users are not satisfied with Wikia and founded entities like the Anti-Wikia-Alliance (AWA), or started open messages about dissatification with Wikia. MoviezWorldwide wants to be in a mediative position in that conflict.


As well as it is important for us to get along well with users from other wikis, we also want to affiliate with other major wikis about a promising topic, in particular other anime wikis. As well we affiliate with great websites. Currently we are affiliated with the Battle of the Planets, Scan2Go and Beast Saga Wiki. The first non-wiki affiliate is the German raw group anime movement which provided the torrents for the first seasons of Tenkai Knights and Beast Saga and operates this and several other wikis using three accounts. If you want to affiliate with us send us a message on this wiki or to one of our accounts outside of Wikia.



Because of some bad experiences with unreliable powerholders and the aim to keep the wiki very active and motivate users to edit, the contest is the only means to rise to powers. Other possibilities, such as asking for rights or making requests which have to be approved by some members are not valid.


The contest consists of four rounds. Every round lasts three months. After Round 1 four rollbacks will be hired, after Round 2 three thread moderators, after Round 3 two chat moderators and after Round 4 one sysop. Additionally the bureaucrats can opt to make a vote for a new bureaucrat after the contest. All accounts participate in every round except sockpuppet accounts or users who already have the powers which are given in that round.


Top 10

Top 10 members can be granted a power if there are not enough users in the Top 5, who have enough awards to be promoted. They can't participate in user of the month votes.

Top 5

Top 5 members can participate in user of the month votes. If they have enough awards, they can get a power in the end of all rounds.


In the end of every month an user of the month is elected. In the first round an award is counted once, in the second twice, in the third three times and in the fourth four times. Through this system, users who were excluded in the first rounds for having powers are able to catch up. As well newer users also still have a chance to get powers.


When a sysop is appointed in the end of the contest, he no longer needs rollback, thread moderator or chat moderator powers, since he already has them by default. Therefore this powers are given to other users. 


If the bureaucrats decide to promote another user to bureaucrat, they can start a vote in the last week of the year. The circle of participants is restricted to sysops. The votes for bureaucrats rotate between the wikis of Anime Movement.

Outstanding awards

Lifework Award

A bureaucrat who has been at least two years on the wiki (at least one of them as bureaucrat), can be awarded with the lifework award. This award is granted in the award ceremony on New Years Eve.

User of the year Award

This award is granted as well in the end of the year to the winner of the contest who is promoted to sysop.

Academy awards

As well the wiki grants users awards in several categories, even those who didn't belong to the Top 10 or Top 5. This is to showcase their efforts and motivate them to go further.

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